MEet Heather


I am a young 20 something year old, who can't eat enough chick-fa-la. I think I am slightly obsessed with their chicken nuggets and pair that with a nice cold Coke-a-Cola which sounds so amazing. 

My story is not crazy or too weird, photography was just a thing that fell in my lap, and it wasn't until I was in the middle of it that I knew that this was just where I was supposed to be. December 2014 I got the Christmas gift of a life time from my parents. A Canon Rebel T5. It was the most precious and scariest gift I have ever received, because I knew what it meant. It meant I would actually have to pursue something I had been dreaming of for a while, but I was too scared to actually do anything about.

After having the camera for a few weeks and not doing much with it. (because come on, kit lens sucks and it wasn't doing what I wanted to do)  I did my research on why I wasn't getting the images I saw online. After reading blog after blog  I realized it was time to invest in my very first lens. The lens they called the nifty 50. Which was a 50mm 1.8. It cost me a $100 and it was my first business purchase.  After I put that lens on I knew that this was what I wanted to do forever. 

I talked a few friends in letting me take some free photos of them. (So embarrassed by those now) and finally I had a portfolio. And then I got pregnant.  

In Aug 2014 I found out we were expecting our second baby girl and I couldn't be more happy but that made me want to work harder. I wanted to quit my 9-5 and really dive head first into my photography business. 

After having my second little girl, Jonathan and I decided it would be best for me to quit my day job and stay at home with the girls and keep on doing side jobs as a photographer. The next day we applied for my business license and the business has been growing ever since. 

Then after lots of family sessions, a few newborn sessions, and lots of couple sessions, I got my first inquiry for a wedding. Me a wedding?!  Something inside of me said it was time. I needed to say yes and jump head first into it. A month later I was standing in the middle of a church shooting my very first wedding and I knew right then and there that was were I was supposed to be. 

My love for shooting couples on one of the most important days of their lives has been such a blessing. Every wedding is different, every love is different, and every start to marriage is different. My job is to capture all of those things.  



my top 5:

My all time favorite cookie. Every time I see a macaroon my heart skips a beat. Okay that is a little over dramatic, but I do tend to get really excited and I may eat everyone I see. If you want me to be your best friend forever get me some. Seriously, I just need like two or three to make my day complete!


Is honestly the most magical place on earth and we are going in November and I am so excited. Honestly if they would let me move in there I would. SIDE NOTE: If you want to get married or have a proposal in Disney world. I will shoot it for the low price of just some gas and a hotel room. That is how much I love Disney World! 

Disney World

I love clothes!! I love bright clothes, fun clothes and I love to not be missed. I love all the patterns and styles. It has such a classic preppy look that just matches me and my personality! 

Lilly Pulizer

This year for Christmas my husband gifted me a Kindel & said please stop buying books. My bookshelf's are full and thats the way I love it. If I'm not working or being a mommy, I am reading. I have a goal of reading 60 books. If you have any recommendations please share! 



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