I'm so excited that you are here! I have some high hopes with this education space. I have made more than plenty of mistakes when it comes to business, photographing and marketing. I want to share all my experience with you, because I want to share all my knowledge. I am a believer in community over competition and I am here to help with all the things you need help with. I have big plans for this space, so sign up with your email below, so I am able to keep you updated. 

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my must have business tools


My Client management softwere 

This is the program that took my business to the next level! I went from booking 5 weddings a year to booking 25 weddings a year and I truly believe it has to do with being able to sign contract and take payment in the most easiest and most convenient way possible. Honeybook has a amazing support team and it is definitely worth checking out. Here is a free trial + $200 off a year subscription. 

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online gallery system  

This is site is so much more then just a way for me to delivery gallery's to clients. It is a way for me to also host a store, that my clients can buy prints from. It is a way for me to have a website, which is a great option for those just starting out. Another great bonus is that you can also send your clients a custom app for them to download and have instant access to their gallery on their phone. 

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I have looked for years and year of a great email marketing tool that I had control over the design and was super easy to under stand. Click the link below to get $20 off for the rest of your life! 

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The Hybrid wedding course

This course will teach you what i am most known for. Hybrid photography and how it has helped me make earn more income per wedding while giving my clients something they will chairish forever. 

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sign up to try the bata 

sign up to try the bata